Do these sound familiar ? . . .

…“ I’d love to take my dog to a dog park but the last time I did she attacked another dog. I don’t know where to take her. She desperately needs exercise but I just can’t risk taking her to a dog park because she might attack someone else’s dog…”

…“ I’d love to take my dog to a dog park but the last time I did he was attacked by another dog. I don’t know where to take him. He desperately needs exercise but I just can’t risk taking him to a dog park because he might be attacked by someone else’s dog…”

If this is your dilemma, you'll soon have a secure place to take your dog to get the off leash exercise, fun and play he and she deserves! With multiple indoor and outdoor dog parks and training facilties for private use, you'll have a park all to yourself or you can share your park with special friends and their dogs. Best Friends Canine Country Club, LLC (BFCCC) was founded to be "the dog park solution". Finally, secure individual dog parks where non-social, overly dominant and aggressive dogs can get the exercise they deserve without being a risk to others and where well socialized, balanced dogs can get the off leash fun and play time they also deserve without being vulnerable to being attacked by less than social dogs!
Coming Soon to the Akron-Canton Ohio Area . . .
"The Dog Park Solution"
Registered Trademark/Servicemark of Best Friends Canine Country Club, LLC
Indoor & Outdoor Swim Rings: Designed to accommodate humans who wish to stay dry while their canine companions enjoy water therapy and fun, our swim rings will be just that; donut shaped circular rings of water with semi-circular channel basins and sidewalks around the circumference so your dog can swim on leash, if desired.

“Big Dawgs” Human/Canine Work-Out Tent: To be constructed and equipped by Best Friends Canine Country Club’s CFO and Managing Partner, Mike Fox, Former NFL Veteran and Super Bowl XXV Champion. This fitness tent will be for serious humans keeping intensely trained who don't want to leave their canine companions behind! ARF!
TO THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR US TO OPEN: We thank you for your patience. We wanted to open yesterday, but securing the most ideal property has been slowing us down. The Governing Officials of New Franklin, Ohio have approved our Business Plan and have been working with us to find a location in their fine city. So, please STAY TUNED as we will announce the exact location and our Grand Opening date as soon as we pin down the land! ARF! So, if you're already on our "Waiting to be Notified List" hang in there! We're working on it ~ honest! For those who are just discovering our forthcoming facilities via this web page, feel free to call 330-310-9681 for more information or click here to be added to our notification list!
"The Dog Park Solution"
Registered Trademark/Servicemark of Best Friends Canine Country Club, LLC
Best Friends Canine Country Club will have multiple indoor and outdoor dog parks and training facilities for private use; that means a spacious, secure dog park all to yourself and your dog. There’s no risk of your dog attacking a strange dog or being attacked by a strange dog when you’re in your very own private park! Got more than one dog? Bring them too! Whatever your dog’s temperament, he or she can get the full speed off-leash running and playing desperately needed while your peace of mind gets to stay intact! ARF! If your dog has other established dog friends, bring them and their owners along and share a private park! We’ll have socializing parks too; supervised by friendly staff to ensure that dogs are staying pleasant and genial with one another. If things look like they might go awry, the owners and dogs will be kindly directed to use our private parks instead. No one needs to go home; no hard feelings, just safe fun for everyone!

Also, if your dog is anti-social, overly dominant and/or aggressive, Melanie Blair, reputable Dog Behaviorist specializing in rehabilitating fear-based aggression and other anti-social dog behaviors, will be offering ”Group Socializing Sessions for Socially Challenged Dogs”. Mel is also the Founder, COO & Managing Partner of BFCCC. Other reputable dog behaviorists, trainers & canine professionals will be joining our membership and they, too, will be able to conduct private and group sessions and classes at our incredible indoor and outdoor training facilities. ARF!

BFCCC will be located on a multi-acre property only minutes away from dog owners, trainers, handlers & canine professionals in Akron, Canton, New Franklin, Coventry, Portage Lakes, Green, Uniontown, Lake, Manchester, Clinton, Jackson Twp., Barberton, Norton, Kenmore, Springfield, Ellet, Goodyear Hgts., North Hill, Fairlawn, Copley, Cuyahoga Falls & other local northeast Ohio communities.

                                                                                                                                                We’ve seen it more than once… perfectly sociable dogs all enjoying a nice romp together and in comes another dog… Friendly? Yes. Submissive? Yes. Aggressive? Not at all; but so wound up and excited that it’s choking itself on it’s leash as it jumps repeatedly on hind legs, panting, yipping, whining, tail wagging furiously and, pop, the owner unsnaps the leash… All it takes is one excited, unbalanced dog to spread tense energy like wild fire throughout a group of relaxed, sociable dogs and, bam, otherwise friendly dogs can ignite in a fight. Whatever your dog’s disposition, sociable, calm, obedient and friendly or not, ALL dogs will be required to be on a short leash at their human’s side to and from designated off-leash areas. Anti-social dogs, fearful dogs, defensive dogs and dogs that have never been publicly socialized are required to also wear safety muzzles to and from the off-leash areas. Aggressive dogs must remain in their vehicle while their human checks in. They must be double-leashed and wear safety muzzles to and from their off-leash areas. Our indoor and outdoor parks will have 6' chain link fence with inward-tilt safety panels bordering the top and all parks will have double-gated 12ft.x12ft. chain link entry/exit boxes to allow humans to get a gate closed behind them before entering the free-run areas. Those and other rules & safety precautions will be what makes Best Friends Canine C.C. “The Dog Park Solution”!

Our INDOOR Dog Parks & Training Facilities: We’ll have several spacious 100ft. x 55ft. climate controlled, high ceiling dog parks & training tents for all-season shelter from extreme temperatures, snow, ice, sleet,
                                                           rain and mud! ARF! Renting for only $15.00 per half hour, Dog Owners and Dog
                                                           Professionals alike are sure to get their money’s worth. Canine Professionals won’t have
                                                           to cancel classes and sessions due to poor weather and Dog Owners can romp, run and
                                                           play with their dogs year round! Rent one all for yourself and your dog or split the cost with
                                                           family members, special friends and their dogs; it’s up to you!

Our OUTDOOR Dog Parks & Training Enclosures: There’ll be several spacious, secure outdoor
dog parks and training enclosures open year long for those who wish to use them in sunny or
snowy weather! After all, most dogs love the snow! Renting for only $10.00 per half hour, each
outdoor enclosure will be composed of 6ft chain link fence with additional 45 degree inward-slant
chain link bordering the top so that even the most skilled K-9 won’t be able to scale it! There’ll
also be privacy slats between the individual parks to discourage any potential fence fighting.

Our CLUBHOUSE; Human-Canine Work-Out Rooms, Pro-Shop, Conference Room, Vaccination Station & Groom Room: Our Clubhouse will have individual human-canine Private Work-Out Rooms complete with deluxe incline treadmills with DVD
                                                           players and resistance machines so you don’t have to leave your best friend at home
                                                           while you work out. Your dog can treadmill with you or relax from his romp in the park while
                                                           you get your exercise! Hourly rates or monthly passes will be available for the work-out

                                                           Our Pro-Shop will have everything from t-shirts, jackets and caps to leashes, frisbees and
                                                           balls to search and rescue training supplies to tennis ball machine rentals, agility course
                                                           equipment rental, sports training equipment rental and much more. ARF!

Our Conference Room will be available for low hourly rates for members wishing to hold special training workshops, staff meetings, canine awareness classes and more.

Our Vaccination Station will be manned by a licensed Veterinarian to provide vaccinations for dogs that are due for vaccines.

Our Groom Room will have token-operated Grooming Stations complete with warm water, shampoos, conditioners & blow dryers. We’ll also have a free simple rinse & dry area for those who just want to get their pups a little hosed off and dry.
Best Friends Canine Services, LLC
Sound too good to be true? Think membership will be too costly?
Think again . . . Membership will be FREE . . .
SAFETY WILL BE FIRST at Best Friends Canine Country Club:
Brought to You by
Founders & Managing Partners Melanie Blair & Mike Fox with the Dogs (LiLi and Nayla)
that inspired them to create a safer dog park system for ALL Dogs of ALL Temperaments